About Us

Badger Tsunami is a collective from the Philadelphia area.  Our teams participate in Quizzo, triathlons, and film competitions.

Quizzo:  We originated as a Quizzo team that has played at local bars since 2007.

Triathlon: In 2011 we also welcomed the creation of our triathlon team.  Our team has competed in the 2011 Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon as an Olympic relay team.

Films:  In 2009, we developed a film competition team that has participated in the Philadelphia 48 Hour Film Project (since 2009) and Project Twenty1 (since 2011) competitions.  Badger Tsunami has received ten awards and thirteen nominations in these competitions for best film, musical score, sound design, special effects, and other accolades.  Visit our movies page to watch them!

*Updated 10/11/14